November 18, 2014

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Sunday Message -  November 23, 2014


Today, the last Sunday of the liturgical year, we honor Jesus Christ as King of the Universe and our King. We gather to celebrate not only his triumph and glory, but also his justice. Today’s Gospel tells us that, as the Judge of all human beings, Jesus will look at the way we have treated our neighbor. He, in fact, considers as done to himself whatever we do to our brothers and sisters. On this Solemnity of Christ the King, we also thank the Lord for all the blessings he has granted us in the course of the liturgical year. In particular, we thank him for the many spiritual graces. Let our Eucharist today, then, be a hymn of glory and thanks to Jesus, the only King of our hearts, and a renewal of our allegiance to him.


Hoy el ultimo domingo del calendario litúrgico, honramos a Cristo como nuestro Rey y Rey del Universo. Nos reunimos para celebrar no solo si triunfo y gloria sino tambien su justicia. El evengelio de hoy nos recuerda que como juez, Jesus va tomar en cuenta como tratamos a nuestro prójimo. El nos da el ejemplo de como hacerlo. En esta fiesta de Cristo Rey también le damos gracias a Dios por las bendiciones que hemos recibido en este año litúrgico. Sobre todo, todos los momentos de gracia. Que nuestra misa hoy sea un canto de Gloria y alabanza a Jesús, Rey del Universo y rey de nuestros corazones.